Privatio Boni

Had another poem published in The Poet’s Haven, entitled “Privatio Boni” recently. Check it out here, and I hope you all enjoy it!




Sin: Morality or Separation?

This post may seem incendiary in nature to some, although to others the sweet sound of peace-but the more i reflect on the concept of sin, the more I am invited to throw away its grounding in morality, and instead, see it as anything which separates us from the Absolute’s grace, the unrestricted love for another, and the positive affirmation of the self. Oscar Wilde once stated of Christ, “His morality is all sympathy, just what morality should be…For him there were no laws; there were exceptions merely.” Most modern christians notion of sin(rooted in morality), breed insensate judgements and a plethora of invective(without clemency) and hateful rhetoric. This constructs a moral high ground by which at its zenith, we cast the very stones Jesus told us not to. I have found the the ways of Grace and Love are unconditionally sympathetic and made entirely of exceptions toward “the other”. Anything else is sin’s true face. We cannot and must not let the festering of hate be disguised by the unscrupulous cloak of subjective self-righteousness, which christians have a fond penchant of. So gaze into the mirror or close your eyes tautly; you will most likely see and feel the abrading log you so often shirk.

Privatio Boni

Most of the time,
I speak with searing silence,
Because spoken words
Are not remotely eloquent enough
To fully express the countless dire sentences
Being scribed within me.

Thus, I must conclude
That our loudest cries are the ones
Nobody can hear
And pain-riddled quiet
Can puncture eardrums.

My ears incessantly ring
With unremitting unvoiced thoughts,
Dropping like hushed bombs detonating
Along my fragile mind’s landscape.

I am a concoction of craters,
A manifestation of absence,
A lack of what ought to be,
And with every noiseless explosion
My loss deepens.

Holy Eyes

Revered eyes,
Like mesmerizing stained-glass windows,
Beautiful in and of themselves yes,
But Ah! When light thoroughly consumes
Their piercing panels of spirited color,
They become a sacred cathedral,
Filled with divine presence.
I gaze into them in awe.
I fall to my knees at your love’s alter
And whisper my heart’s prayers
Into your ears.